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COVID-19 Operations at Caesar Creek
Most outdoor public areas are open. Trails, wildlife areas, docks, and boat ramps are open. Most restrooms and buildings are closed. Playgrounds are closed. Services and Facilities may be limited or unavailable.
Please plan accordingly.
Watch a short video and learn how to visit the Park safely! For more information, visit the ODNR COVID-19 Operations Page

The Nature Center Association of Caesar Creek (NCACC) is an organization of volunteers with the goals of preserving and improving Caesar Creek State Park and educating the public about its unique attributes.

Nature Center hours vary seasonally. The Nature Center is closed. We apologize for the inconvenience. For more information, please call 513-897-3055.

Marlon and Scout

Recent Volunteer and Nature Center Activities

Nature's Corner #135- September, 2020

  • Running time: 00:32:36
  • Created: September 17, 2020
Erin and Chris Dice explore the weird and wonderful world of vultures.

Nature's Corner #134- August, 2020

  • Running time: 00:32:36
  • Created: August 24, 2020
A day at the Caesar Creek Lake beach

July 2020

Storybook Project
The new initiative to sponsor and help create an illustrated storybook about the Eagles of Caesar Creek is moving forward well. Volunteer Tracy Pfelfer Hall is providing illustrations.
Building and Grounds
Lighter trash cans for the Park Beach are being acquired. The Playscape at the Nature Center has been refurbished.
Trail Maintenance
An Eagle Scout project to replace Bridge Hickory on the Fifty Springs Trail was completed.
Trail Database
As part of the ongoing effort to update the state-wide trail attributes database, a shakedown hike on the Buckeye Trail that runs through Caesar Creek State Park was held, and MS Teams video conferences were conducted to review the Sycamore Trails and Hueston Woods State Park survey plans. Lastly, a trip to Sycamore State Park to conduct trail surveys was completed.

From the storybook: Bald Eagles wnd Caesar watch each other
From the storybook: Bald Eagles and Caesar watch each other

July: Outdoor volunteer programs that can be done with safe social distances have resumed!

June 2020

In the fourth month of the COVID-19 pandemic slow-down, the park is starting to re-open per state guidelines.
Water Quality:
During the first half of the month, a water quality team kayak outing was held to collect lake water samples for quality analysis; currently the lake water is fairly "clean".
Storybook Project:
A new initiative to sponsor and help create an illustrated storybook about the Bald Eagles of Caesar Creek was kicked-off.
Trail Maintenance:
The Nature Center Trail Team and the Mountain Bike Trail (MBT) team joined forces to build a new water crossing on the Harveysburg Loop MBT. In addition, work to update the state-wide trail attributes database for six parks (Grand Lake St. Marys, Lake Loramie, Hueston Woods, Sycamore, Paint Creek and Caesar Creek State Parks) is on-going.

New water crossing on mountain bike trail

Nature's Corner #133 - June, 2020

  • Running time: 00:34:19
  • Created: June 17, 2020

Boaters are taking to the water in record numbers at Caesar Creek Lake State Park. If you're a new boater, do you know how to properly put your boat into the lake and take it out? Erin and Garrett Heasley show you how on this episode of Nature's Corner.

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Caesar Creek State Park lies in southwest Ohio. It is highlighted by clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, meadows, and steep ravines. The 3,741-acre park offers some of the finest outdoor recreation in southwest Ohio including camping, fishing, boating, hunting, swimming, trails for hiking, biking, and horses -- plus a Nature Center. The Park is open year around although some facilities are seasonal. There is always something to do, so check out the activities, special events, and volunteer pages.

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