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Nature's Corner #142 Naturalists Erin and Shannon tell us about wild animal rescue.

Nature's Corner #141 Naturalist Janet Lasley tells about wild edible plants.

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Suggested Readings

From time to time, we will pick out books and articles of interest and list them here. If you would like to suggest a title, please send an email to admin@caesarcreeknatureassociation.org" with "Readings" in the Subject: line. Thank you!

A Sea Without Fish, David L. Meyer and Richard Arnold Davis, with a chapter by Steven M. Holland, 2009.
A very detailed description of the geological and biological processes during the Ordovician Period that made the Cincinnati Arch and the Caesar Creek area one of the richest fossil beds in the world. The title refers to to the warm inland sea that covered much of the Midwest, millions of years before true fish appeared.
—added 16 Apr 2021
Ohio's Natural Heritage, Michael B. Lafferty, Editor-in-Chief, 1979.
This coffee table book is a detailed overview of the natural history of Ohio, from the warm inland seas of half a billion years ago, through the more recent glaciations, pre-European human cultures, and finally into the modern Ohio landscapes and waterways. This book is out of print but can be easily found at on-line booksellers.
— added 9 Apr 2021
Interpreting Our Heritage, Freman Tilden, 2007.
Originally published more than fifty years ago and now in its fourth edition, Freeman Tilden's essays summarize his lifetime of interpretation in the U.S. National Park system. The contents include: Principles of Interpretation, The Story is the Thing, Not Instruction but Provocation, For the Young Mind, The Happy Amateur and much more.
—added 9 Apr 2021

Items of Interest

This is a place for links to information, events, and activities that may not be strictly related to Caesar Creek but might be of interest anyway. Links will open in a new tab.

You may recommend a web site or reading or whatever by sending the information or URL to: the site administrator

Animal Rescue
Machine shop owner/operator untangles Wolf Spiders from machine shop debris on camera and releases them. Videos contain images of Wolf Spiders.
Introduction (00:2:00)
Disentanglement #1 (00:5:11)
Disentanglement #2 (00:13:57)

Web Sites

E-Bird is a site focused on "Birding in Ohio" and publishes reviews of bird-watching locations throughout the state. Here's a link to their description of the Caesar Creek area The page contains bird lists, good viewing locations, maps and more.

Seven-minute video about fossil finding at Caesar Creek State Park

March 5, 2021: ODNR Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference
Follow this link for videos of the presentations, downloadable materials, and more.
List of ODNR Geology Publications
Little Miami River Watershed
Map, 1 inch = 2 miles, 41.8 x 42.0 in. (pdf)
Quaternary Geology of Clinton County, Ohio (pdf)
Updated survey of glacial geology of Clinton County, Ohio. 27 pages, 1 plate, 2020. 8.5 x 11 in.
Audubon Society report on Caesar Creek

Paddling at Caesar Creek

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